The IRS provides updated tax rates and changes how taxable income is calculated for fringe benefits each year. This year is no different, with employers struggling with staffing needs and skilled payroll professionals making sure those in key payroll roles to complete an accurate year end for employees and require governmental reporting is increasingly important. This webinar will assist all levels of payroll professionals from learning about updated legislation to W-2 preparations. Participant will obtain a better understanding of all the boxes on the form W-2 and what should be reported in each. A brief overview of year end and W-2 best practices will be reviewed that can help make year-end not such a challenge. Details of W-2 reporting deadlines and penalties.



Areas Covered in this Training

-Form W-2
-W-2 Requirements
-Filing deadlines
-Electronic delivery of Form W-2
-Handling Duplicate W-2 requests
-Taxation of Fringe Benefits and proper YE Processing
-Annual Updates
-Year End Best Practices


You will get to learn-

-Details of how to close the 2022 year to make sure your W-2’s are correct and 941 reconciliation happens correctly.
-Review box by box of the W-2 and how tax reform has changed W-2 reporting.
-State specific W-2 reporting and what you need to know
-W-2 Requirements
-Updated legislation to consider for W-2 and 2023
-State by State discussion of special W-2 considerations
-Year End and W-2 best Practices
-New year legislation activity and new fringe benefit limits


Duration – 60 Minutes
Suggested Attendees-

-Payroll Professionals
-HR professionals
-Accounting Personnel
-Business Owners/ Executive Officers/ Operations and Departmental Managers
-Attorneys/ Legal Professionals
-Any individual or entity that must deal with the complexities and requirements of
-Payroll compliance issues for Year End closing and preparing for the upcoming year.

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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