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Real estate compliance encompasses every single square foot of a property. Right from elevators and boilers, to fire suppression systems and facades, every piece of equipment in a building can – and will – increase overall compliance risk. A small property tends to be viewed in the same lens as the big ones. So it does not matter how big or small property it is, the regulations will be equally intense.

Clatid provides various training programs to cover all the regulatory compliance facets of the Real Estate, Housing and Construction industries: live Webinars, seminars, in-house training, and hiring experts for your projects.


At Clatid, we also understand the stringent requirements for construction projects, which demand to be completed within scheduled time and budget. We are committed to helping you save resources and bringing about quality output, and our experts provide the necessary guidance to help you do so. Our services cover

  • Construction Contracts,
  • AIA Documents & Contracts,
  • Construction Scheduling,
  • CPM Scheduling,
  • Construction Defects,
  • Various Damages & Delays, and
  • Construction Claims

The various areas covered in our services include

  • Commercial Contracts,
  • Real Estate Laws,
  • Zoning Laws,
  • Land Use and Land Development Rules & Laws,
  • Opportunity Zones Rules,
  • EPA Rules,
  • HUD Fair Housing Compliance
  • Multifamily Compliance,
  • All HUD Programs,
  • HUD-Assisted Housing,
  • HERA, and HUD REAC & MOR Inspections.

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Real Estate, Housing & Construction

Documenting Resident Violations in 2023

Real Estate, Housing & Construction

HUD Releases Final NSPIRE Rules 2023

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Paul Flogstad

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