Owning a business and managing a workforce come with paperwork and compliance. One such law, outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), designates employees as either exempt or non-exempt.

It is of the utmost importance that employers pay close attention to this distinction. If they do not, they may face legal penalties from the government as well as disgruntled employees who are entitled to lost wages. 

This webinar will have a basic overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act and what employers are applicable and what laws the FLSA maintain. A review of current exempt versus non-exempt requirements will be reviewed along with activity in the current legislation around changes to the exempt categories.

Areas Covered in this Training:

· Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Details
· What is the FLSA and why it is so important
· Who is covered under the FLSA
· How does the FLSA define:
       o An Employee
       o Temp Employees
· Independent Contractors
· Volunteers
· Trainee/Students
· Minimum Wage federal versus state
· Overtime Rules
· Recordkeeping requirements
· Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt
       o The Executive Exemption
       o The Administrative Exemption
       o The Professional Exemption
       o Computer Related Occupations Exemption

Why Attend this Training:

This webinar will give a review of the most up to date requirements to make sure you are handling your employee base correctly from a Department of Labor and Fair Labor Standards Act perspective. After this webinar you will understand –
       · Department of Labor categories of employees and how you need to handle their pay.
       · If your company is required to follow the FLSA rules
       · What record keeping requirements an employer has
       · How to properly identify non-exempt employees and how to properly pay them

Suggested Attendees:

· Business Owners
· Human Resources professionals
· Payroll Professionals
· Managers & Supervisors
· Project Managers
· Team Leaders


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