Blockchain for Accountant in 2024

This course provides a concise overview of blockchain -- an online system of shared databases and distributed ledgers. The system allows authorized groups and individuals to evaluate and certify transactions between parties. The transactions are synchronized (every authorized user gets same view), decentralized (not under the control of any one entity), indelible (records cannot be changed or undone), single-use (recorded only one time), and non-reputable (irrevocably associated with the specific party who initiated the transaction). Blockchains can be used not just in accounting but in any situation when a verifiable public record is required (such as health records and educational credentials). The system has been touted as the most disruptive technology in decades, the new operating system for the planet, and the next evolution of the supply chain. You’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of blockchain, and its potential to add value to your business chain and your career in the accounting profession.

What You will Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

- Summarize at least three key principles of blockchain
- Identify at least 5 benefits of blockchain technology
- Explain at least 5 risks of blockchain technology
- Point out at least four new trust concepts that are enabled by blockchain
- List at least 10 blockchain case studies and success stories
- Understand how the future of accounting looks in a blockchain world

What We will Discuss

- Blockchain fundamentals
- Pros and cons of technology
- How blockchain works
- A simple example of blockchain
- How blockchains are different than traditional ledgers and databases
- New blockchain trust concepts in 2024
- Leading blockchain platforms in 2024
- Types of blockchains
- Smart contracts
- Blockchain vs. Bitcoin: what’s the difference?
- Blockchain as a product storyteller and digital control tower
- Blockchain case studies
- Blockchain-as-a-service
- Blockchain communities and resources
- How to prepare for the coming blockchain era

Who Will Benefit

- Leaders
- Accountants
- Accounting professionals
- Tax professionals
- Auditors
- Financial Analysts
- Compliance officers
- CFOs
- Educators
- Researchers
- Students
- Visionaries seeking to elevate their research capabilities
- Practitioners who want a basic, non-technical understanding of blockchain and how to take advantage of the technology


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