Fair Chance Hiring Policies in 2024

As an HR professional, developing Fair Chance Hiring best policies and procedures is essential for your organization. Fair Chance Hiring policies not only ensure compliance with employee rights legislation but also protect your organization from legal liability and discrimination lawsuits.

Fair Chance hiring is built on the premise that everyone, regardless of their background, has the right to be fairly assessed for a role they are qualified for. People with past convictions face many barriers to employment, but people deserve more than just one chance. Research shows that candidates with prior convictions make strong employees who may stay at your organization longer, advance faster and contribute to the organization’s goals. Implementing Fair Chance policies is a key step toward inclusivity with profound social impact for not only people with past convictions but also for future generations and the entire community.

As employers, we have significant work ahead of us to bring about true diversity and access to employment for everyone. Employers possess a unique opportunity to upend unfair and unethical systems and to change hearts and minds around the treatment of people with criminal records.

What You will Learn

- What are Fair Chance hiring practices?
- “Ban-the-Box” legislation in 2024
- Federal, State and Municipal Fair Chance Hiring laws
- Establishing written policies, avoiding stigmatizing language, conduct skills-based interviewing strategies, train employees & managers, conduct quarterly audits
- Fair Chance hiring practices in 2024
- Developing a comprehensive background screening process
- Benefits of Fair Chance hiring
- Reducing bias in the hiring process
- Significant ROI from both performance & retention standpoints
- How Fair Chance policies can reduce recidivism
- Getting started with Fair Chance hiring
- The Fair Chance spectrum
- Dispelling common myths
- Building a Fair Chance Hiring plan
- Conducting skill-based interviews
- Do’s & Don’ts of Fair Chance hiring

Why You Should Attend

Did you know that as many as 70 million Americans have some type of criminal record that can negatively impact their ability to find jobs? This session addresses that situation and takes a look at fair chance hiring, including what it involved, the relevant laws, and how employers that implement fair chance hiring policies can remain legally compliant.

Who Will Benefit

- Senior Leadership
- Human Resources
- Directors
- Managers
- Representatives
- Operations Professionals
- Compliance Professionals
- Recruiting Professionals
- Managers
- Supervisors
- Employees


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