As COVID-19 Delta gains momentum in the US, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) comes up with a new update on July 27, 2021. We see changes to the official recommendations passed on May 13 this year. It emphasizes that vaccinated people in substantial or high transmission areas of COVID-19 wear masks in indoor public spaces.

In May 2021, CDC ensured that fully vaccinated individuals can shed their face coverings in indoor gatherings, but the guidelines substantially change with this update. However, the outdoor masking recommendations remain the same this time.

The CDC explains that the current scientific findings indicate that the delta variant can be transmitted despite your vaccine status, which is an adjustment to its prior guidance.

As Employers struggle to minimize the current vaccination gaps in the workplace, this update will impact their approach. I know as a compliance officer that there will be what I call a mixed population of employees: a percentage of employees still remain non-vaccinated, and the Delta variant will affect vaccinated as well as non-vaccinated employees. This becomes a major challenge for Employers while structuring their COVID prevention policies.

It is more important for employers to know and educate employees as well as the leadership to comply with the best practices to manage the COVID-19 everchanging guidance.

Why This Webinar is For You

The COVID's downfall in May 2021 was followed by the CDC guidelines that fully vaccinated people were exempted from wearing face masks. However, vaccinations have since slowed dramatically and only 58% of people eligible are fully vaccinated.

Recent studies by the CDC prove that fully vaccinated people when become infected carry as much virus as unvaccinated people do, suggesting they may be able to pass it on to others.

Now is the time for Employers to make decisions for their workplace to ensure they provide a safe and hazard-free workplace which is their obligation by OSHA under the General Duty Clause. The challenge is that the CDC guidance is not enforceable which makes developing policies that are consistent very difficult.

Join Clatid to focus on the relevant resources and best practices that Employers can use to create a safe and rather healthy place to work.

You Will Get Answers To

-How does the Delta Variant affect the vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals?
-What does the new CDC July 2021 Guidance bring and how will it affect your workplace?
-Why are Employers frustrated with all the changes in guidance?
-How can Employers mitigate some of the changes arising?
-What are the major and minor challenges Employers will face when adapting to changes in guidance?
-How do the vaccinated employees spread the virus to unvaccinated employees? CDC's take on it
-What are the recommended and updated CDC resources and how can they help you?
-How will the new CDC COVID-19 Tracker help Employers identify the status of COVID-19 to make policies?
-Will the CDC update affect Employers who plan to bring back employees from remote locations? If so, how?
-How does the new CDC Guidance on masks impact current vaccination guidance?
-How can Employers in state-specific and multi-state locations stay aware of the state status on COVID-19 surges?

Who Will Benefit

-Company Leadership
-All Employers
-Compliance Professionals
-Business Owners
-HR Professionals
-Anyone who wants to gain knowledge on the updates on COVID-19


You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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