Your Employee Retention Credit in 2022

If you are an employer and fulfill the eligibility criteria, you may claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) in 2022, which is basically a payroll tax credit for the wages and health insurance that you paid to the employees. Although the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act put an end to the ERC program in November 2021, businesses can still claim the credit for up to 3 years retroactively. If you have already filed your tax returns and now realize that you qualify for the ERC, you can still apply for the claim.

ERC is a valuable but often-overlooked tax credit for businesses affected by the pandemic. Since its introduction, we have seen it get expanded twice to help out struggling businesses by cutting down their federal tax bills. It can bring large credit amounts and instant cash relief to you, if you fulfill the qualifications. Learn the legally compliant way to claim for yours, if you do.

So what is Employee Retention Credit? How does it work and how can it benefit you? What qualifies as a recovery startup business and is yours one? Which tax-exempt organizations and businesses are eligible for ERC?

How to know if you owe tax or if you have credit to claim? How can you claim your credit now that the program has been closed? If you're self-employed or a government employer, are you eligible for the claim?

What role does the IRS Form 941-X play? When and where should you file yours? What are the underreported and overreported tax adjustments? What if you experienced a decline in gross receipts?

When is the deadline for Form 941-X? How can you use it to correct errors on your Form 941? How can you enter and explain your corrections? What are the penalties and interests involved?

Join our speaker, Jason Dinesen, on Clatid to get answers to all these questions and many more. Get an overview of the claim process and learn what's up next to follow up with. Register now.



Get Answers to

-What are the three ways to qualify for the Employee Retention Credit?
-Would the Employee Retention Credit be taxable in 2022?
-What size of employer qualifies?
-What exactly are "wages"?
-How to calculate the credit?
-How to claim the credit in 2022?
-What is Form 941-X and how to fill it?
-How can Form 941-X help you?
-Paperwork - what is the audit period?



Bonus Topics

-What are Paycheck Protection Program loans?
-What is the impact of PPP loans - no double-dipping?
-What would be its impact on tax returns?



Why Should You Attend?

The credit existed from March 13, 2020, through the end of 2021. Even though the program is now closed, a business can still get the credit by filing amended payroll reports. This training will cover everything a business needs to know about the ERC.



Who will Benefit?

-Tax professionals
-Payroll compliance practitioners
-Accounts directors
-Tax practitioners
-Tax attorneys
-Tax managers
-Accounting managers
-Tax directors
-Accounting firms
-Tax firms


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