Employee Terminations in 2022

You cannot fire an employee for illegal reasons as the wrongful termination may sometimes result in statutory penalties. Discrimination is illegal and employee terminations purely based on that are unlawful. So if you terminate an employee due to an unjust cause, the employee holds the right to question their dismissal and is entitled to reinstatement along with the other wrongfully fired-employee rights.


Wrongful terminations are common and its consequences are severe. Terminating an employee is not only stressful for the employee losing a job, but also for the employer. There are legal and ethical steps to take when you terminate an employee. The company must ensure its actions are above reproach.


When it comes to the employee terminations, consider:

How to avoid wrongful terminations that could cost you a fortune? What are the fatal mistakes employers make in the process? How do you retain the records after you terminate the employee? Is the process different for the contractual employees?


How do the State laws and Federal laws differ for the final pay considerations in 2022? How do you ensure the privacy for the employee to be terminated? How many types of employee terminations are there? What does the employer have to do before terminating an employee?


Most managers, regardless of level, handle the uncomfortable task of terminating employees badly. The biggest mistake managers make is terminating an employee in a harsh, unkind and insensitive way. Most times, this happens because managers have not been properly trained to handle terminations and are left to their own devices.

In all too many cases, managers are likely to either say inappropriate things or fail to handle terminations expediently and professionally. Join us on Clatid to learn the best practices to conduct a legal and ethical employee termination. Avoid the consequences that the non-compliance might bring to your doorstep.




Terminate Your Employees: The Legal and Ethical Way

Regardless of the company or industry, the way an employer treats their employees as they exit has never been more important than it is 2022. How the company terminates an employee sends a powerful message not only to the terminated employee but also to the remaining staff, either positive or negative. When a termination is done well, the affected employee feels he or she has been treated with dignity.


If an employer has exhausted all the necessary steps to help the employee improve his or her work performance – and those steps are not working – it may be time to terminate the employee. Join us on Clatid to learn how to do it legally.



Get Answers to

-What are the pre-termination efforts on the part of the employer?
-What's the termination process for the Contractual and At-Will Employees?
-What are final pay considerations in the Federal and State laws?
-What are the laws that affect termination?
-How to communicate the termination to co-workers without invading the terminated employee’s privacy?
-What's the legally compliant way to document the termination?
-What are the legal ramifications of not terminating an employee?
-How to retain the post-termination record?
-How do the involuntary and voluntary terminations differ?
-How to conduct a successful termination meeting?
-How to prepare for and effectively deal with a volatile employee?
-How to determine when severance is appropriate?
-How to handle requests for references for terminated employees?
-What are the lessons to be learned for the employers and the employees.?



What Will You Learn?

-What are the top three key aspects of a proper employee termination?
-What are the top ten things you'd want to avoid while terminating an employee?



Bonus Topics for You

-Don't consider offboarding as an afterthought
-Resources to assist the employee in the transition



Who Will Benefit?

-HR Professionals
-Senior Leadership
-Managers & Supervisors
-Operations Professionals
-Team Leaders
-Compliance Professionals



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