Most HR professionals agree that managing FMLA is way easier said than done. Scheduling reduced work routines, getting second opinions to recordkeeping, requesting physician certificates, deciding whether to use the calendar year method or rolling twelve-month method for calculating FMLA leave, and all the steps in between seem to have equal importance.

Additionally, there are some ever-present concerns over not running afoul of related military caregiver and state requirements along with determining the severity of a health condition. In sum, the FMLA represents a prominent challenge for HR and benefits professionals, which if done incorrectly, results in employee abuse and potential legal liability for all employers.

Why Attend This Training

Employers encounter a number of compliance issues while navigating the FMLA leave and accommodation issues. To ensure FMLA compliance, employers need to acknowledge the rules about covered employers, leave entitlement, eligible employees, intermittent leave, how to request a leave, medical certification, job restoration, and treatment of health benefits. These rules may leave the employers confused and getting it wrong could expose them to substantial risks.

It is important for supervisors, managers, and the HR staff, to know what the FMLA is and to understand how to comply with it. This webinar builds a deep understanding, based on a common-sense discussion of the Act and will help participants stay compliant while administering leaves in their workplaces.

Topics Covered in This Session

-What are the purpose and provisions of the FMLA?
-What government entity enforces the FMLA
-What situations qualify for FMLA
-Circumstances covered by the Military Families Provisions for Caregiving and Deployment (“qualifying exigency leave”)
-Job security while on FMLA leave
-Calculating the applicable 12-month period
-Understanding your legal compliance obligations
-Compensation package during the FMLA leave
-Other types of leave that count towards a 12-week FMLA leave
-Use of vacation or sick time with an FMLA leave
-What time off counts as leave?
-Rules for intermittent leave

Who Will Benefit From This Session

-Senior Leadership
-Human Resources Professionals
-Benefits Professionals
-Operations Professionals
-Managers & Supervisors

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