FBAR violations may result in civil monetary and/or criminal penalties, whereas, if you fail to file the Form 8938, the penalty may extend depending on the delay or if there's an understatement of tax attributable to non-disclosed assets from your side. Thus, it's important to differentiate FBAR and Form 8983 and learn everything a taxpayer needs to know to report them in time without any errors.

In this training, you'll learn about the FBAR reporting and its contrast with the filing requirements for Form 8938. Is it necessary to file both? How can you differentiate between foreign accounts and foreign assets? You'll become familiar with reporting thresholds, and get introduced with the harsh consequences for non-compliance.

Join us on Clatid to learn: How does the filing procedures differ for filers residing inside and outside the US? When we say the United States, does it include the U.S. territories? When does one have an interest in an asset or account? What do you have to report and how can you determine and report the maximum account or asset value? When's it due and where can you file it?

There’s more: Forms 3520, 5471, 8621, 8865, and 8891. Forms 926, 5472, 8300, and 8854. How and when are they filed? Who is eligible to file it? Find out what the wrath of FATCA has brought.

Get Answers to

-When does a taxpayer have a foreign reporting obligation?
-What qualifies as a type of foreign asset?
-What foreign assets need to be reported?
-How does the reporting mandates stemming overlap from regulations enacted decades apart?
-How can you compile the information necessary to properly report foreign accounts and assets?
-How can you comply with the best practices to help clients avoid penalties and potential criminal prosecution?
-If you've been non-compliant, what are the options available for you?

Why You Should Attend

The non-compliance with FBAR and Form 8938 results in different and sometimes severe penalties, depending upon the extent of violations. Join us to understand what the failure-to-file penalties bring. Learn what happens if married taxpayers report misinformation and how you can prevent it.

What You'll Learn

-Historical background
-Basics of foreign bank account reporting
-Penalty relief options
-Regulatory definitions
-Compare & contrast with foreign assets reporting
-State non-conformity
-Lots of examples
-A look at the forms

Who Will Benefit

-Tax practitioners
-Tax consultants
-International tax attorneys
-Tax professionals

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