Employee Termination in 2023 

Employers have always avoided the termination either because it is not easy to terminate someone or because it can be difficult to defend allegations  of wrongful termination. Cases of wrongful termination have emerged and increased since the late 2022 year. Research has identified the following  factors in this increase: 

-Employees more aware and knowledgeable of workplace rights.
-Employees are now aware enough to charge discrimination. 
-Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) establishing increased awareness on how  employees can make these charges.
-New whistleblower protections for employees who turn in Employers. 
-More resources on websites by the Department of Labor (DOL) providing employees with ways to  confirm if Employers are violating current regulations. 
Because of these and other factors, Employers are now more than ever, at risk of litigation against termination decisions. The EEOC has established definitions and guidelines of what constitutes discrimination and what employees are part of “protected classes” and discrimination claims. Now that there have been additional protections under EEOC, Employers should consider these regulations and prepare for those potential Risks. 
Join us this May to learn what contributes to making the right employee termination decisions. You will receive a FREE customized compliance tool to advance your understanding of it. Register now!  


What You will Learn 

-How employees should be terminated with dignity and respect and within regulations. 
-How to mitigate wrongful termination allegations before they happen. 
-How Retaliation regulations need to be addressed before terminating an employee. 
-What factors can be an obstacle in ensuring a worry-free termination process. 
-How to handle volatile terminations including employees who own weapons, have history of aggressive  behavior, domestic violence, sexual assault or  stalking, harassment, mental illness and other behavior  issues that can pose a risk to Managers and employees. 


Session Highlights 

-Create a termination checklist that will reduce your risk when making a decision to terminate. 
-Gain knowledge of the EEOC regulations and guidelines to prevent allegations of discrimination or  wrongful termination. 
-Create a policy that will assist managers in terminating employees without fear of retribution from the  regulatory agencies and employees. 
-Use training of your managers to reduce your risk since you can be held liable for Managers/Supervisors  with bad management and poor judgement in   handling employees.  
-Teach Managers how to document performance issues. 
-Develop a termination process that will ensure consistency, fairness, objectivity and reduce risks. 

Why You Should Attend 

Employers need to be aware of the cost of these actions via litigation, fines and penalties and even criminal sanctions. Employers need to ask if they have the protections they need when they make decisions on termination, reduction in force, demotion, suspensions and disciplinary actions. Join us this May to get an in-depth review of the potential consequences of these decisions. 

Who will Benefit 

-All Employers 
-Business Owners
-Company Leadership
-Compliance professionals
-HR Professionals
-Employers in all industries 


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