Trust fund taxes can cause big problems for small businesses. When an employer withholds a portion of their employee’s wages to pay income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, that money is held “in trust”. It must be paid to the Treasury on regular schedule. Problems arise when the business uses those funds for other purposes, such as paying rent, utilities or suppliers. Many business owners fail to realize when they prioritized other creditors over the federal government is that the IRS can collect business back taxes from you personally.

This webinar will be an introduction to the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty for not paying payroll taxes. During this one-hour presentation participants will review what the Federal payroll tax obligations are for employers. Participants will also be made aware of payroll pitfalls that small businesses should avoid to avoid the trust fund recovery penalty, who is responsible for the trust fund recovery penalty, and how to help them if they find themselves facing the trust fund recovery penalty.


Areas covered in this Training-

-What are payroll taxes?
-When are payroll taxes due?
-The consequences of payroll taxes not being filed on time.
-What is the trust fund recovery penalty?
-Who is responsible for the trust fund penalty?
-How to help your client facing the trust fund recovery penalty.


Why Attend this Training –

After this webinar participants will understand how detrimental the trust fund recovery penalty can be to a small business. Participants will also understand the obligations that small businesses have to pay payroll taxes on time. After leaving this webinar participants will be able to go to clients facing payroll issues and help them with getting their payroll tax issue situated with the IRS.


Suggested Attendees –

-Enrolled Agent
-Tax professionals
-Payroll Professionals
-Payroll specialists that work with small businesses that run payroll


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