Given the rising costs of health care and the fraying of employer-provided health insurance, many people have come to assume more personal responsibility for their health care expenses. One popular option is the health savings account (HSA), which is a self-directed, self-funded plan designed to help individuals meet current and future healthcare expenses on a tax-free basis.

This webinar will be a comprehensive guide to a health savings account (HSA). We will cover what a health savings account is and who is eligible to open one. We will also discuss how to open an HSA even if you are self-employed. This webinar will also discuss the three tax advantages of contributing to an HSA. This webinar will also offer - Open enrolment tips, questions members should consider when enrolling, summaries of HSA benefits, insights when you are considering an HSA at enrolment time, guides to make the enrolment process stress-free and simple. 


Areas Covered in this session:

·        Defining and evaluating a health savings account.
·        The taxpayer qualifications to contribute to an HSA and to spend the money tax free.
·        What qualified medical expenses are.
·        Qualified Health insurance plans
·        The contribution limits for the 2 categories of HSAs.
·        How to avoid paying taxes on HSA money when it is withdrawn from the account.
·        Tax advantages and analyzing investment opportunities
·        Supplementing Retirement Plans|
·        Discuss Super HSA


Why Attend this Training:

After the end of this event, participants will have an understanding of who qualifies to contribute to a health savings account. Participants will also learn how to use this account when tax planning, as it is not limited by the amount of money that a taxpayer earns throughout the year. This webinar will help you understand the tax benefits of your HSA, which forms you'll need to file your taxes and how your state treats HSA contributions.

Whether you’ve just opened your health savings account (HSA) or you’re preparing to retire, this webinar can help you make the most of it.


Suggested Attendees:

·        Tax professionals wanting to learn tax planning strategies that are not phased out by income limits.
·       Tax professionals wanting to know how a HSAs can benefit their lower income clients as well as their higher earning income clients.
·        Tax partners
·        Managers
·        CPA
·        Enrolled Agents
·        Tax return preparers
·        Tax attorneys


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