IRS CP-2100 Letters and B Notices in 2022

Most businesses that issue 1099s find it daunting to respond to CP-2100 letters. The IRS uses these letters to communicate with you whether you've missed a TIN in your information return, entered an incorrect one, or a combination of both. Join our speaker, Jason Dinesen, on Clatid to learn how you can respond to CP-2100 letters in 2022, and how to possibly avoid them in the first place.


What do the CP-2100 letters include? Do the notices inform the payers that they're responsible for backup withholding? What's the best way to avoid them, and if you've received one, how can you respond to it?


How to correct your backup withholding errors? When do the penalties apply? What's there to know about the IRS records and the combination of your name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)?


What are B-Notices? When to send your first and second B-Notices? Are they your defense against penalties?


Join us this June to get answers to all these and many more questions.


As time allows, we will also delve into employee vs. contractor — is that “contractor” really an employee?




What will You Learn?

-What are CP-2100 Letters?
-How to respond to CP-2100 Letters?
-Sending out B-Notices
-How can you avoid CP-2100 letters?
-Another way out of CP-2100: do you really need to issue a 1099 at all?
-How can you deal with backup withholding?
-Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching
-What is Form W-9 and how is it used along with the notices?
-Bonus content: relating to contractor vs. employee




Form W-9, Social Security Number, and TIN Matching

CP-2100 letters come to your business from the IRS. These letters notify you that the social security number you put on a 1099 doesn’t match what’s in the IRS’s system. For example, the social security number of a contractor. When your business receives such a letter, you must take action by sending a “B Notice” to the other party. This webinar will discuss how you can take steps to avoid CP-2100 letters, to begin with, through the IRS’s "TIN Matching" program and proper usage of the Form W-9. We’ll cover more about B Notices in this program, and cover backup withholding.





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Who Will Benefit?

-BFSI professionals
-Accounting & Taxation professionals
-Fraud Analytics professionals
-BSA/AML Compliance professionals
-Risk Management professionals
-Audit and inspection professionals
-Banks & Credit Unions
-Insurance professionals
-General management 

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