This webinar includes IRS Form W-4 for 2021. It covers all the requirements for completing the form properly, handling non-resident aliens, state equivalent forms, record retention, and processing the form electronically instead of on paper. You will also learn about the best practices for processing more efficiently within the department.

Join Clatid this summer to avoid errors while filling the Form W-4. We will go through some basic examples and expert-led discussions about the form's requirements and how you can meet them.


Form W-4 plays a fundamental and crucial role in the payroll department. It is the foundation for the taxation of an employee’s paycheck as well as a required IRS form.

Failure to handle the form correctly and completely can open doors to serious problems not only in properly withholding from the employee’s gross wages, but it could also extend beyond the regulations and affect payroll customer service or employee morale. Besides, correcting non-compliance consequences can also lead to costly expenditures of time and budget resources.

Questions arise in processing the forms almost daily in a payroll department:

Is it a valid form? If not, what should payroll do to correct the problem? Did the employee check the box on Line 2c? Did the employee complete Step 4?

These are the types of questions that must be answered to process the form completely and correctly. Also, it is not just the federal form that payroll must process; many states have their own version of the form and now do not permit the use of the federal form for state tax withholding.

So with these many questions in mind, dive into this session to get all the right answers!

Topics Included in the Webinar

-Review of the Form W-4 for 2021
-Review of the employer instructions and publication 15-T
-How to combine verifying the Form W-4 with SSA’s BSO to ensure accuracy of employee names and social security numbers (SSNs)
-Examples for calculating income tax withholding
-Discussion on how to handle calculating income tax withholding using prior versions of the form
-Best practices for processing through payroll

You Will Learn

-Learn to use the new Form W-4 2021 including the various new tables
-Understand the employer instructions in publication 15-T
-Discover the several methods for calculating income tax withholding using current and prior year forms W-4

Who Will Benefit

-Payroll Executives
-Payroll Managers
-Payroll Administrators
-Payroll Professionals and Practitioners
-Payroll Entry Level Personnel
-Operations Departmental Managers
-Human Resources Executives
-Human Resources Managers
-Human Resources Administrators
-Business Owners
-Accounting Personnel
-Executive Officers
-Attorneys/Legal Professionals
-Any individual or entity that must deal with the complexities and requirements of Payroll compliance issues

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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