Pay Equity in 2022: Prevent Wage Discrimination

The last quarter of 2022 begins with measures to close the pay equity gap in the United States, which is currently rising with an extremely low rate. The gender disparities and racial discrimination in the workplace still remains an alarming concern. Thus, learning how to develop equitable policies and procedures for employee payments becomes crucial for employers.

Organizations have made huge strides toward pay equality in the workplace, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. This persistent problem has a host of negative effects on women, minorities, their families, and even their employers. Every worker has the right to expect equal pay for equal work. Federal and State legislation has been passed to prevent wage discrimination, but even with these laws in place, wage gaps persist. Part of the issue is that pay equity itself is complicated and often misunderstood.

Join us on Clatid this September to learn about the Federal, State and Local legislations in place to avoid pay inequity. We will discuss the best possible practices you can implement to offer your employees a disparity-free workplace. You will also discover the risk factors involved for employers that are often neglected.


Join Us to Learn

-Legislation at the Federal level to address pay equity in 2022
-Proposed legislation: The Pay Equity Act for All and the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2022
-Legislation at the State and Local level


Get Answers to

-How do you define pay equity?
-What's the importance of pay equity?
-What's the difference between Pay Equity vs. Equitable Pay?
-What’s behind the gap?
-What are the pay equity employer risk factors?
-How to mitigate the adverse treatment and impact for women and minorities?
-How to conduct a pay equity analysis?
-What are the top strategies for bridging the gap?
-What are the barriers to advancement and better pay?
-How do you define “equal work”?
-How is pay inequity = discrimination?
-What's the concept of affirmative defences?


Bonus Topics

-The rise of pay scrutiny
-Ways in which candidates’ salary history foster pay disparity
-Candidates who voluntarily disclose their pay history



Why You Should Attend

You will learn what constitutes pay equity, the laws governing pay equity, strategies to avoid pay discrimination, and what organizations can do to cultivate a work environment that will lead to more equitable outcomes for their employees.



Who will Benefit

-Senior Leadership
-Human Resource Professionals
-Managers and Supervisors
-Team Leaders
-Operations Professionals
-Compensation Professionals
-Recruiting Professionals
-Compliance Professionals

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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