Payroll State Laws in 2022: Record Retention for the DOL Audits

Payroll departments submit and receive hundreds of thousands of bits of data each year. Employee master file data such as name and social security number, employee forms such the Form W-4, report to the IRS such as Form 941, state unemployment insurance quarterly returns, termination dates for employees, and even child support withholding orders.

Processing payroll comes with many challenges as well as benefits that most Employers aren't aware of. You need different payroll records that are required to process the payroll.  Every type of record has different requirements of how long you must retain that record.  

A critical question that every payroll professional must ask and more importantly answer is “What am I required to keep, in what format, and for how long”? The time over which payroll records must be retained will depend upon government requirements.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) typically states a required retention period in each document it issues dealing with payroll issues. In general, wage calculations should be retained for two years, while collective bargaining agreements should be retained for three years. Join us on Clatid to learn more about the States regulations and how you can ensure compliance in payroll in 2022.



What will You Learn?

We will go over the different types of documents that are considered payroll documents that must be maintained for a specific amount of time.  Some forms you might not consider as payroll documents actually are.

Many states have different rules than the Federal regulations regarding these documents.  We will touch on a few of these States and give guidance on how to find out more information about their regulations.

We will discuss each different type of document in regard to how long you are required to keep the documents.  This includes timesheets, payroll changes, additions/deductions from Wages, State taxes, and many more.


Get Answers to

-How long to keep each type of payroll document?
-Which documents are considered payroll documents?
-What are the specific State Laws regarding record retention?
-How to find details on the State Laws?



Main Topics Discussed

-The different types of payroll records that must be retained
-The requirements for each type of payroll record
-Descriptions of each specific document
-Information and guidelines by specific states with different requirements
-Different State requirements for record retention



Why is it Important For You to Attend?

Every company should be aware of how long to retain payroll documents.  Being involved in a payroll or Department of Labor (DOL) audit is something no one wants to go through, and you never know when you will have to. Staying in compliance to keep these specific documents will make you more prepared should this ever happen.

When an audit happens if you don’t have the documents needed for the audit you could be assessed more fines and damages because of estimations of any findings the auditor did discover.  Being sure you have what is needed to prove what was done will be better in all cases.

Staying in compliance is never easy but learning all you can about these regulations will better prepare you for any type of situation that could arise.  Having these documents readily available for audits, employee reviews, and many other types of issues that arise in business will make these easier for all involved.  



Who Will Benefit?

Payroll Professionals
Small Business Owners
Tax Professionals

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