Did you know that you can go to jail for not following basic employment law? It happened in the summer of 2023. While this is a rare occurrence (and happened because they ignored a court order–jail isn’t the first stop), getting sued or just treating employees wrong is something that happens all the time.

Managers aren’t expected to be employment law experts–that’s what HR and employment attorneys are for–but they need to know enough not to make a stupid mistake. And they need to recognize when there may be a law at issue so that they can call in an expert.

This webinar covers the basics of six major employment laws that every manager needs to know.

Areas Covered in this Training:

· The National Labor Relations Act and the NLRB
          · It’s not just about unions
          · Why your employees can talk about their paychecks
          · Why your social media policy matters

· Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
          · Babies and more
          · Who is eligible?
          · Who is a family member?
          · What is intermittent FMLA?

· The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
          · What a reasonable accommodation means
          · How the interactive process works
          · Ways you can support your disabled employees

· Title VII of the Civil Rights Code
          · Just who is in a protected class?
          · How to make your environment inclusive
          · Addressing discrimination before it becomes a problem

· Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
          · Why 40 is the magic age
          · “Code words” that indicate you’re looking for young candidates

· FLSA– Fair Labor Standards Act
          · Why this 86-year-old law still trips people up
          · Exempt vs. Non-exempt
          · When you have to pay overtime

Why Attend this Training:

All people managers should have a basic understanding of employment law. This webinar is designed to help managers and small business owners stay on the path and learn when they need to get HR or an employment attorney involved. It’s a must-attend for new managers! Remember, managers represent the company and they should know what they need to do.

Suggested Attendees:

· People managers (especially new people managers)
· Team leaders
· Payroll
· HR managers
· HR business partners
· HR assistants
· Recruiters
· Managers
· Business Owners
· HR consultants


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