Business is more than just the cost of buying and selling goods and services. The humans, and their emotions, that make up the workplace must be considered. Managing other people is never easy, but some employees make it particularly difficult. Don’t underestimate the damage one toxic employee can do. When an employee’s negative attitude is not addressed properly, other team members become resentful, they lose respect for you as a leader, and they may develop their own negative attitude.

No leader wants a difficult or toxic employee on their team, however it’s something all leaders need to be prepared to address should it arise. Challenging employees can try a manager’s patience and drain a lot of time and energy. To turn things around takes skilful management and patience. Eliminating Bad Behavior provides the strategies you need to identify toxic employees and defuse the drama before it spreads to undermine productivity and poison the entire work environment.

How you and your team effectively deal with negative and difficult team members can mean the difference between having a toxic, drama-filled workplace, and an engaged, collaborative, and productive organization. In today’s employment environment, retaining workers – especially generational workers with anxiety and performance issues – is necessary for profitable growth.

*TAKE ACTION * to turn them around. Enrol today and discover how you can detox your team with this valuable 1-hour webinar.

Areas covered in this Training:

· Comprehending the Impact of Toxic Employees:
          o Explore the various effects toxic employees can have on your organization, from lost productivity to increased healthcare costs, high employee turnover, and loss of customers.
          o Understanding the consequences of their presence in order to take the necessary steps to address the issue.

· Identifying the Five Types of Toxic Employees:
         o We will discuss in detail the different types of toxic employees – The Hot Mess, The Slacker, The Martyr, The Socialite, and The Sociopath – and their specific characteristics.
         o   Being able to recognize these individuals in your workplace will enable you to respond appropriately and take the necessary actions to mitigate their impact.

· Strategies for Dealing with Toxic Employees:
         o Our experts will provide practical and actionable guidance on how to handle toxic, rude, and uncivil employees.
         o   This includes communication techniques, setting boundaries, and using disciplinary actions when required.
         o   The goal is to either turn these employees around or make the decision to let them go.

Why Attend this Training:

Your employees already face a myriad of stressors in their personal lives and day-to-day work demands. The presence of toxic coworkers should not be an additional burden. This insightful and practical webinar will help you identify and manage the five types of toxic employees, ultimately returning your workplace to a productive and profitable environment.

By learning how to identify and manage toxic, rude, and uncivil employees, you will be better equipped to protect your team and organization from the harmful effects these individuals can cause. The knowledge and skills you acquire in this webinar will empower you to create a harmonious workplace where employees can thrive and your organization can achieve its full potential.

Don’t let toxic employees hold your organization back any longer. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in the long-term success and well-being of your workplace. Register now and take the first step towards creating a more positive, efficient, and cohesive work environment for your employees. Together, we can turn the tide against toxic employees and foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and high performance.

Suggested Attendees:

· Owners
· Managers
· Directors
· Presidents
· Human Resource Professionals
· Anyone with managerial or leadership responsibility.


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